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Well I'm glad I asked...

That long haired, blue bow tie wearing, Hemsworth knockoff you see in the picture is in fact, me—Chris Charteris.

I grew up in Queensland but have since settled in beautiful (apparently superior if you ask the locals...) Sydney.

I'm an animal lover, a crunchy peanut butter guy and most importantly... I want to marry you!

No, not get married to you (though I'm sure you're an absolute catch), but I want to be the one who brings your dream wedding to life by being the most kick-ass celebrant you could imagine!

After seeing a bunch of celebrants at weddings do the stock-standard wedding speech, I figured it was time that we breathe some new life into these ceremonies and make them the best part of your special day.

I've been a performer in the entertainment industry for over 12 years, and I thrive when it comes to humour and improvisation (no really, I'm fricken hilarious. Just wait...). I love people and getting to really know you, because I believe those off the cuff jokes and personal anecdotes are what makes a ceremony truly special.  Let's make your guests laugh, let's make them cry, let's make them say that that's the best damned ceremony they've ever been to!

Let's make your wedding 'the fun one'!

And don't worry, I don't always have to wear a blue bow tie. In fact, I'll wear whatever you want me to (yes, unfortunately that includes a Borat mankini 🤦‍♂️).

Chris Charteris.JPG

"We were lucky enough to have Chris officiate our wedding for us last month. From the very first phone call with Chris, he we was able to make us both feel super calm and like we knew what was going to happen (and let's be real, noone really know what's going on when you start planning your wedding).

Chris had us and our guests laughing throughout the whole ceremony, in the best possible way. He set the tone for our day, he made it fun, professional and really special.
We had so many guests asking if Chris was a friend of ours, he did such a great job at telling our story, and everyone agrees he's an absolute legend!"

Anthea + James

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